Otsego Trip: February 2016

Otsego Club & Resort

This weekend was one of the most uplifting and relaxing ones I’ve ever experienced!

I took a 3 hour road trip up north to Gaylord, Michigan with my boyfriend, Matt, and his family up to the nicest, most cozy resort to spend the next two days skiing.

Being out in nature and on the slopes instead of being my regular, couch potato self, was such a positive change to my everyday lifestyle. It was also something I was sure to thank God for regularly throughout the weekend.

When you get in the habit of going to school or work and then coming home every single day, it’s easy to forget how blessed we are with having able bodies to go on adventures and do fun things like skiing! Matt and I tried our hardest to take several moments out of our days there to thank God for this and praise Him for keeping us safe on the hills (especially me, a very very inexperienced skier).

So, moral of this blogpost, make sure to thank God for allowing you to be able to do fun things, and take it one step further by going out to do fun things with your bodies!

God is so good and so worthy of our thanks and praise, so be sure to give it to Him!

Love you guys.

A Little TLC from T.L.C (That Liberal Christian)

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