Florida Adventures: Orlando 2016

This past week I was lucky enough to escape the cold winter and snow of Michigan and drive 24 hours down to Florida to spend 10 days soaking up the sun! My mom, dad, grandma and I woke up at 4am and sleepily headed down south.


Above are some pictures from my aunt’s house in Land O’ Lakes, Florida! The weather was a perfect 73 degrees and it was nice enough to walk barefoot!

On Sunday I met up with my boyfriend, Matt, and our best pal, David, and we all went to Universal Studios in Orlando! We went to Harry Potter World and we tried Butter Beer (the most delicious and sweet drink you could ever have) and went on so many crazy fun rides!

Monday was an adventure day for Matt and I! We went to a super gorgeous nature walk at Dixson Azalea Park. It was so sunny and little lizards were everywhere! Matt is the best adventuring partner on the planet, so we had the best of times!

On the day before Matt and I had to head back to the brutal tundra that is called Michigan, David took us on a tour of his school, University of Central Florida. The campus was huge and gorgeous! It had a bridge that went through a tiny forest and even a koi pond! It was a bittersweet moment for the three of us, but a great way to end the best vacation I’ve ever been on!

Finally, it was the dreaded day of our flight back home. 😦 I was so nervous about flying for the first time in 10 years, but the flight was quick and easy, even though my phone died for the last 20 minutes of it haha! And thankfully, the weather back in Michigan was warm when we returned! Too bad we’re expecting another blizzard to come tomorrow (so ready for spring to be here already!)

Overall it was such a fun fun trip and I was so happy to see David since he’s away at school now! I’m so blessed that Matt and I had safe travels and that we were fortunate enough to go on an adventure as exciting (and warm) as this one!

Did you guys do anything fun over spring break? Or if it hasn’t happened yet, what are your plans?

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day


Karrah (That Liberal Christian)



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