Spring Lookbook : 2016

Hello all you gorgeous people! Today I have 3 different outfits set up for you that can inspire you for what to wear this spring! The weather is finally warming up and I am so ready to ditch the layers and start wearing dresses and sandals. So let’s stop talking and get into the outfits! Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video on my look book here (x)!

Outfit #1:

My first outfit is a long summer dress paired with strappy sandals and a floppy hat. This is what I plan on wearing for my Easter parties this year and I am loving it. The thin straps and tie around the waist gives it such a sweet and girly look while looking stylish and mature.

Outfit #2:

This next outfit is a little out of my comfort zone, but I still love it! This geometric loose blouse and textured white skirt brings spring-time to wherever you go. It’s flirty and fun and unique with the white bottoms! I’m usually wearing one of my many black skirts or jeans so white surely makes a statement on me!

Outfit #3:

This last outfit has got to be my favorite! It’s sleek and trendy and one of my favorite colors! Plus these shoes are killer and I always get compliments when I wear them. Jumpsuits are so great because it’s a whole outfit in one piece that isn’t a dress (horray for my lazy girls!), plus they make it look like you put tons of effort into looking stylish.


Well, those are three outfits that I am sure to wear countless times this spring and I hope they helped you find some inspiration for what you can wear as the weather gets warmer! A special thank you to my lovely boyfriend Matthew for taking all these awesome shots (you da real MVP Matt). I will link all of the items I am wearing below and put a (*) next to ones that are look-alikes!

Let me know what you think and follow me on Instagram (@karrahwanagat)

Outfit 1: dress*, hat, sandals*

Outfit 2: skirt*, shirt*, sandals*, sunglasses*

Outfit 3: jumpsuit* , heels, sunglasses*


9 thoughts on “Spring Lookbook : 2016

  1. Really happy to be following your blogs, your blogs are fantastic. I love your look book, this is something I’m looking into creating with my Blogs now spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Your layout is lovely, brilliant post.
    Lisa XoX


  2. Outfit #2 & #3 is my favourite! You look great btw!
    Enjoy Spring time. Winter is approaching here in Afrca, Namibia, my favourite season, but ‘ll sure miss the sunny days.


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